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Beat the Heat: Summer Drinks

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The past few weeks have been a bit brutal temperature-wise with the highs soaring close to the hundreds. And even though it seems the worst is over, the warmer weather is here to stay, at least for a little while longer. It’s important to stay hydrated in heat this intense, so here are a few drink ideas that are a bit more fun that just water or Gatorade (courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens and Shaw’s – click links for full – and more –  recipes):

Strawberry Iced Tea: For a different twist on the traditional black iced tea, try this recipe that uses fresh strawberries, brown sugar, lemons, water, and carbonated soda.

Madelines lemonade via

Madelines lemonade via

Madelines Lemonade: I love lemonade, especially when it has fresh fruit in it and this recipe that uses lemons, limes, and fresh raspberries sounds really good.

Chai Punch: This is another iced tea recipe that chai tea lovers will like. It uses a few more ingredients including stick cinnamon, oranges, basil leaves, soda, and chai tea concentrate but it looks like it could be worth the effort.

Blueberry Fizz: This recipe involves soaking lemons, limes, crystallized ginger, and blueberries in ginger ale. The longer the fresh fruits soak, the richer the taste and color of the drink.

Electric Lemonade: For those looking for something with a little kick, this lemonade uses lemon juice, mint leaves, ginger ale, sugar, water, and about a quarter cup of vodka.

June bug via

June bug via

June Bug: This sounds all kinds of delicious. It combines ginger ale, grenadine, orange juice, and orange sherbet. The alcoholic version of the drink also includes white rum.


Italian Orange Dreamsicle: To create a drink version of the treat, use milk, sugar, orange sherbet, and lemon-lime carbonated soda.

Mango Limeade: This is also made with carbonated soda but calls for sugar, key-lime juice, and mango nectar.

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