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Best Cookout Accessories

The weather in New England has finally started to get nice after a long, brutal winter. It won’t be long until you start receiving invites to those summer barbecues. But what if you’re the one throwing the barbecue? Here are five fun backyard accessories to wow your guests with at your next outdoor event.

Mini Golf For Your Pool


Take a break from the traditional pool games like volleyball to play something new. This game features a floating golf hole and 12 different colored golf balls so you and your guests can keep track of who’s winning. (

A Floating Cooler


Once guests are in the pool, they’re not going to want to get out. Solve the problem of running out of drinks by using a floating cooler. This cooler can hold up to 12 cans, as well as ice to keep them cold. (



Everyone has been on a hammock before, but not too many people can say they’ve been in a cacoon. These hanging chairs are a great way for guests to relax in the shade. The material is durable, and also machine washable for when it comes to cleaning it. (

Pool Sprinkler


Besides looking really cool, sprinklers can also be a lot of fun to have in a pool, whether you’re swimming underneath it or jumping through it. It’s an easy way to make a pool seem more sophisticated. (

Light Strings


Once the sun goes down, get your guests to stay at the cookout by providing fun lighting. Strings of light bulbs are perfect for hanging from trees or garages. The light isn’t over powering, and they provide a romantic, laid back feel to the party. (

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