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May is upon us! And with it, comes our first round of fundraising events: Boston Bakes. Boston Bakes is a whole week in May (2nd-8th) and it comprises  of restaurants, bakeries and retail partners from across the state, all involved in selling the baked goods that  will support the breast cancer research of Dr. Parsons. Dr. Parsons is seeking to revolutionize the way we treat breast cancer, and as a result improve the quality of life of patients across the country. A recipient of many awards, she is also the recipient of our research funds that were raised in 2015 and will be raised in 2016.

The event itself is a partnership amongst businesses and restaurants that have a passion for both dessert and cancer research. Some have been our partner for the full 17 years that Boston Bakes has been running, and some have only joined us this year. Boston Bakes’ scope encompasses all of the old and new, all partners in raising funds for breast cancer research. Currently there are two tracks that our partners can choose for Boston Bakes week: the 50% club or the standard club. For the standard, which is what many of our partners choose to do, is the choice of one Boston Bakes dessert, from which all the proceeds will be donated to the charity. The 50% club offers more variety, with the option to serve all of their desserts, from which 50% of the proceeds will go to Bakes for Breast Cancer. Both are a win-win for breast cancer and breast cancer research!

With over 150 partners for this years Boston Bakes events, there’s sure to be a diverse collection of dessert offerings across the state. Check them out on our Restaurants and Bakeries Page, and don’t forget to try out one of our many dessert offerings: from chocolate chip cookies to boston creme pies to berry desserts!

This is just the first round of Bakes for Breast Cancer events all across New England.
Rhode Island Bakes for Breast Cancer will take place May 8-14
Cape & Islands Bakes for Breast Cancer will take place June 6-12

For a complete list of participating establishments please visit our website.

Donations are greatly appreciated.


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