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What an exciting day today for Boston Bakes! Full speed ahead and on day three.  We started off the day at Fox News 25 in Dedham to showcase Boston Bakes participants desserts on the Fox 25 Morning Show.

A Banoffi pie, strawberry shortcake cupcake and cookie box were on the mainstage today with the ever-friendly news anchors from Fox25. Safe to say we all started our day off with our sweet-tooth satisfied.

Chef  Ken McCluskey of JJ Foley’s in South Boston brought their Banoffi pie to showcase, as he was plating the dish, we got to see all of the time that goes into creating this delicious dessert. The Banoffi consisted of a biscuit crust covered in toffee, topped with fresh banana slices, and hand-whipped whipped cream, garnished with chocolate shaving. Not only did it look fantastic, but it tasted even better.

Linda Hein of the Chocolate Tarte brought in their featured strawberry shortcake cupcake. No additional staging was needed for her mini-cupcakes  after her perfectionist eye finished staging them on the cakestand.

Harvard Sweet Boutique sent along one of their cookie boxes filled with goodies. Needless to say, if you didn’t eat dessert this morning at Fox 25, be prepared for tummy to rumble on set.  Visit one of our 270 participants during Boston Bakes week, and 100% of the proceeds are donated to fight breast cancer.


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