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Boston_Bakes_logoWith two more days of Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer left for you to enjoy, another important fundraiser comes to the forefront! Boston Bites Back initiated by Ming Tsai and Ken Oringer as a way to help raise money for The One Fund and support the victims of the Marathon Bombing.


Our community united so quickly after the horrible events of April 15th – especially the restaurant community. Immediately they sprang into action.  Little did we know that Ming Tsai and Ken Oringer had something even bigger in mind!


Boston Bakes takes me a year to organize where desserts rule! This is truly not the case with Boston Bites Back!  With two weeks lead time two of Boston’s finest chefs organize an event where 100 chefs will come on the evening of May 15th to Fenway Park to unite with the community they are in and raise what they hope to be one million dollars in one evening for the One Fund!

Five thousand people to attend and one million dollars to raise in one event on one evening, May 15!

This impossible fete for many, including myself will become a reality with your help!

The restaurant community is asked so many times to get involved with events every day.  This same community’s generosity has made my event Boston Bakes grow from its first year with 42 participants to now over 300 in over 100 Massachusetts communities.  I am extremely grateful to their support.  Blue Ginger has supported me for 14 years.

Now is my turn to support Ming Tsai and Ken Oringer.  It is my pleasure to pledge my support and admiration for the massive undertaking they have chosen to do in two weeks!   Now it is our turn to support them! Get a ticket and join them at Fenway Park on May 15th!

How many of us have asked something from a restaurant in our community to help with a school’s auction?  A charity event?  An auction prize for something we were doing?  Most of us have!

The “restaurant” community comes to our “rescue” so many times and now there is a way to repay the kindness that they have done for us!  We need to support their event Boston Bites Back.  Buy a ticket! Go to Fenway Park on May 15th! Enjoy the food and drink of the finest chefs and pastry chefs the area has! Get behind them as they have gotten behind us!

Aren’t you curious how this event is going to work?  I am! I can’t wait to see it firsthand!  I can’t wait to see the impossible become a reality!  Many people are working overtime to make this event the event of the season! I will be there and hope you will be as well.

Buy a ticket for this event knowing that 100% of the ticket price will go to the One Fund!  Support Boston Bites Back for Boston is Strong but only with our help and support!

Dress is casual!

So enjoy the last two days of Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer where desserts rule and help raise much needed for breast cancer research and care.  Then show your support for Boston Bites Back! See you at Fenway!


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