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Cheers to Black Friday!

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indexYes, it is the day we wait for all year long! Black Friday!  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying a nice day of holiday shopping.  Stores in Massachusetts can’t open till 1 am due the laws in the Commonwealth. While some stores across the country now open on Thanksgiving Day!

I remember when stores did not open to 5 or 6 am and then I woke early and braved the stores.  Why I still have no idea! But now with stores opening up a 1 am, getting up to go out at midnight or 1 am when guests do not leave till 10 pm is not easy to do.

This year I found something new! After my guests left, I went onto my computer and did the shopping I would have done today!  So now I can clean up, put the dishes away, stay home and hopefully try to exercise! I did not have to brave the cold of the night or the crowds.  I might still do some more shopping today but I know it will be done with my computer!  Major decision is do I really need to get a Kitchen Aid mixer?

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day weekend. Happy Shopping to one and all!

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