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The first thing I remember learning to make from my mother was a German pancake!  The recipe came from the Settlement Cookbook.  We would have it for breakfast or dinner and it was always a treat.  It was then that I was introduced to the importance of a good and well seasoned cast iron pan.

The tradition my mother started, I continued in my own home making the German Pancake for breakfast or dinner always in a cast iron pan.

It is rare for me to remember any recipes without reading it from a recipe card or cookbook and a reason I would never go on a cooking show for amateur chefs.  No recipe, no extraordinary meal at my house except for a German pancake.

Preheat the oven to 450°. 3 eggs, ½ cup flour and ½ cup milk and pinch a salt is all you need! Beat the eggs well, mix in the flour and then add the milk and a pinch of salt.  Use a lot of cold butter and butter a cold cast iron pan well.  Pour in the egg mixture and pop it in the oven.  Slowly turn down the heat as the pancake puffs and turns golden.  This should take about 20-25 minutes or so.  My oven cooks very quickly and it could be done in 15 minutes.

If the oven is not preheated and very hot, the pancake won’t puff as well as it should.  Of course like a soufflé, it does sink a bit when you take it out.   Sometimes my German pancake comes out perfect and the times I try to rush it, it is on the flat side. I do mean flat!  Do I get upset when my pancake is not picture perfect?  To be honest, I really do!   But whether it is flat or perfect, served with sugar or syrup, it is something we look forward to enjoying morning, noon or night!

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