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When last I wrote about Food Trucks, Needham had its own food truck but just for the season when the weather was good.  Then they went away and never came back to Needham the following year.  I was so excited the suburbs had a food truck.  My excitement was short lived.

I thought most food trucks disappeared when the weather got rough, but I learned such is not the case!  Food and Cupcake Trucks grace our streets all year long regardless of the weather.   I really need to leave my computer more and check out the wide variety of food trucks Boston has to offer.  One day it will happen.

Imagine my excitement when I had to go to Emmanuel College in Boston and saw the Clover Lab Food Truck not once but every time I had to go to the campus!  This was my chance, no excuses I made my way over to the truck.  I could have stood there longer to decide what to order for lunch and really digest the menu.  I decided just to go for it and order the chickpea fritter sandwich with all the toppings!

As Emeril would say on one of his shows, we really cook here, so does Clover Food Lab!  This kitchen on the road made my lunch hot and fresh to order.  They also made my one cup of ice coffee the same way, cold, fresh and made to order!  It was very interesting to watch the ice coffee process! I was so happy!

Off to my car to enjoy my sandwich.  It was a bit too cold to stand outside and eat.  Eating in my car was much easier for me than trying to juggle everything standing outside.   I put my briefcase on my lap and I had my own table. Lucky for me I did that!  The chick pea sandwich was memorable and I enjoyed every bite.

My next visit was during breakfast.  This is where I learned if the food truck leaves without something, they don’t have it that day. I was craving something sweet for breakfast and they did not have any breakfast sweets for me to try.  Things like this happen at a food trucks just as they do at a restaurants, sometimes “they” don’t always have what you want for any number of reasons.  I will have to try breakfast again sometime soon.  Then again I think I would rather work my way down their lunch menu one item at a time.

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