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You know the feeling, when you get home on a Friday evening from a long week at the office, and all you want to do is relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine? Well whether it be wine, beer, a cup of tea or a dish of ice cream, we all know how great it feels to forget about the work week and kick-start the weekend with our favorite little treat.

corkcicle from

corkcicle from

For all my fellow wine-o’s, today’s gadget is the Corkcicle. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer white or red, the Corkcicle will keep your white wine cool and will bring your bottle of red up to the perfect temperature.

Pop the Corkcicle into the freezer for two hours until the freeze gel is cold and solidified. Then, pour a glass of wine and insert the BPA-free plastic ice-cicle into the slightly emptied bottle.

White wine will be chilled at the perfect temperature without the dilution caused by regular ice cubes. Relax on the porch or in the backyard on a warm summer day and your white wine will stay cool and delicious until the last sip.

And the Corkcicle works just as well for red wine drinkers. The frozen icecicle brings a warm bottle of red wine up to it’s perfect temperature to be enjoyed at it’s peak taste.

The icecicle part of the Corkcicle is submerged into the wine bottle itself, and the top is made of real cork which sits atop the bottle. This is a great house-warming gift for friends and family. It is available for around $25 from amazon, Sur la Table, Uncommon Goods, and multiple other retailers.

wine from

wine from

A big thanks for following along with my ‘Gadget Thursday’s’ Bakes for Breast Cancer blog! I will be traveling around Europe for the next few months where I plan to try my fair share of delicious desserts, food and wine!

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