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I always wonder who comes up with the food trends for the year and how accurate the food trends for the previous year were.  It is time we slowly explore this.  I just read that dessert trends for 2011 include:

Artisan/house-made ice cream, Bite-size/mini desserts, Dessert flights/combos, Deconstructed classic desserts and Savory desserts

Some of these are not new and been around for quite some time.  So what makes them new for 2011? I guess we will have to wait and see!

Chocolate for breakfast is a new trend for 2011 I just read as well.  I have been doing that one for decades now, what makes it new for 2011?  What is the twist we will be seeing in chocolate for breakfast?   How this will be new and improved?

I continued to read that this year we will see Cocoa-infused teas, hot chocolate on a stick, Belgian Waffles, granola and more.  Hot Chocolate on a stick could be interesting but I am also interested in seeing what the more means.  It leaves the trend open-ended, doesn’t it?

I will continue to research dessert trends for 2011 because I think there are numerous lists and numerous trends for us to follow!

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