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Fear No More You Can Make a Great CupCake

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My love of baking started when I was a child growing up in New York.  My baking was always from scratch and I followed recipes exactly as they were written.  I would go to my mother’s cookbooks and select a recipe usually from her copy of the Settlement Cookbook which I still have!  So when baking a cake, I would never consider making cupcakes from the recipe unless the recipe gave me specific times for how long a cupcake should be baked.  By myself, I could never figure how the specified amount of time for the cake would be different if I made a cupcake and did not want to take any chances of ruining what I had spent so much time on making!

Now, there are cupcake cookbooks, recipes on line, and blogs to follow to help you make the perfect cupcake at home!  Cupcakes are not the easiest to make but once you find a great recipe and decoration ideas you will not only have fun making cupcakes but eating them too!

So now I am much more confident about making cupcakes with recipes specifically for cupcakes!  Now if I can only narrow it down to which cupcake recipe I want to try and which frosting to make with it! Any suggestions?


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