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One of the many fabulous summertime perks is having a lush, green garden. If you have a green-thumb then you’re probably eating home-grown veggies and enjoying beautiful flowers by the vase full. And, of course, one of the easiest and most commonly garden-grown treat, herbs!

Herbs add some serious flavor to food. Fresh basil adds a punch to pasta sauces and is unbelievably good on homemade pizza. Home-grown dill will have you eating coleslaw every night. And add fresh mint leaves to you’re iced tea, or simply chew on them to freshen breath!

If you’re an herb-lover then the Herb Keeperfrom Chefs is a must-have. You can store up to three large herb bunches in the clear cylinder. Add about an inch of water to the bottom reservoir and you’ll have fresh herbs right on your counter top for weeks to come!

herb keeper from chefs

The Herb Keeper is extremely functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It brings a bit of nature to your kitchen. It looks lovely and will improve your cooking in a wonderful way – you can’t go wrong!

You can also store your Herb Keeper in the refrigerator for extra fresh flavor. And the Herb Keeper won’t absorb other odors that may be lurking within the fridge. The Herb Keeper is available as a set of two for $27.95 or individually for $15.95 from

With this simple little gadget you’ll have fresh herbs all year long!

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