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For all those who came in the path of Hurricane or Tropical Storm Irene, I hope Irene did not cause you much damage or inconvenience.  I hope you are all doing well as you start whatever clean up you have to do.

It is hard to predict the path of a hurricane.  It is a no win situation.  If the worse is predicted and does not happen everyone is mad.  If the prediction is that the storm is not going to be so bad and it is worse, everyone is still mad.  In the end what matters is that everyone is prepared for the worst and it does not happen.

Of course down south where this storm would mean nothing is a bit different when it travels north for numerous reasons; we don’t get many hurricanes, our buildings are not built for hurricanes, our trees are older and bigger and with a lot of water in a short period of time the trees are not as strong as they look.

For me, Irene was not a bad storm.  My dog still went out to do her business and did not fly away.  I did not have any major trees fall just debris of leaves and small branches.  I have been in the same house and survived Gloria and Bob (yes I am dating myself) and only lost power for a short period of time. Here is Tropical Storm Irene which was the mildest of all and I lose power for the longest period of time!  I was shocked!  I never thought I would lose power.  How wrong I was!

It started in the morning, the power would go on and off but it would come back.  At noon the power went off completely.  I could not understand it!  How could this be?  I did not even think of taking any pictures of the storm because there was nothing extraordinary to see.  I did what I could around the house waiting for the power to come back on. The power did not come back! This was highly unusual.  By now, my power had come back in every other storm until Irene!  This was something I was not use too!  I was clueless what I would do if not having power would go on for days or even a week! I take my hat off to anyone who has been without power and fresh water for a long period of time.  I know you somehow live through it and deal with it, but I was questioning my ability to handle it.

I found my old phone and connected it since cordless phones don’t work without power.  I knew with my cable phone service I would only have so many hours for my house line to be able to receive and make calls. I was saving my Iphone which was fully charged for emergencies. I knew communications could be a major problem down the road if my power did not return.

I opened my living room windows to a beautiful breeze in the early evening.  The storm had passed. I decided to sleep in the living room since it was so comfortable.  The sky did not get pitch black as it usually does.  The sky still looked like it did at 7 PM.  I finally had to lower the shades so I could fall asleep.

Then at 3:45 am the lights and TV came back on! I turned off the lights and TV and went back to the bedroom to get some sleep!  I plugged in my Iphone so it could be charged and was surprised without much use at all, the battery was depleted.

It is a sunny Monday morning and the storm has passed.   I hope you were as lucky as we were!




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