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July 4th a holiday where our great country celebrates the Declaration of Independence declaring our independence from Great Britain. When did the partying and fireworks all start?  I don’t know. It is time when we remember how proud we are to be Americans.  Yesterday when traveling through Roslindale I saw a big white truck and the only thing it had written on the truck was the American Flag and it said proud to be an American.  I thought how timely it was to see that truck right before July 4th to remember how lucky we are. Yes, I am proud to be an American!

Of course, I would like to see my health care and gas costs come down and the economy bounce back and be on solid ground. But that does not mean there are not reasons to celebrate, put our American flags out, have BBQ s and see the firework celebrations, watch the Boston Pops on TV if choose not to go to the Esplanade to see it in person and make a dessert with red, white and blue.

In many of communities across the country festivities and fireworks will be taking place over the weekend. Just look at all the firework celebration in the communities of Massachusetts! We can’t forget that the Fourth of July would never be the same without the Boston Pops and as they say “Our Nation’s Premier 4th of July Celebration.”  Their website even has a countdown to when the celebration begins!

Boston does not have a monopoly on 4th of July celebrations! Check out the National Independence Day Parade and the firework celebration in Washington DC. Check out New York’s July 4th celebrations and the celebrations all across the country! A simple Google search will help you make your holiday plans a July 4th to celebrate!

Share with us how you celebrated July 4th! We would love to hear your stories and see your pictures!


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