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I Phone 5 Frenzy!

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I know I was in need of an I Phone upgrade!  I have an I Phone 3 and was eligible for an upgrade for quite a while.  I thought after the I Phone 4 came out and listening to the buzz the I Phone 5 was next!  Apple instead introduced the I Phone 4 S.  I was going to wait for the I Phone 5 as long as my I Phone 3 still hung in there for me!

When I got my I Phone 3 everything worked the way it was supposed to!  The I Phone 3 did not have a good battery life and for some reason every time I did an upgrade on I Tunes, my phone no longer liked syncing with my outlook.  After numerous calls to Apple, I gave up from trying fixing it and accepted that my life ran on to calendars – one on my phone and one on my computer.  Hopefully I remembered to post events to both of them!  Let’s face facts, my system of keeping two calendars going did not work!

The I Phone 5 came out on Friday, September 21, 2012!  Pre-orders were taken before this date, but I chose not to order the I Phone and have it shipped to me.  I liked buying the phone from a person and not having it come in the mail.

Watching the news on Friday and seeing all that was going on worldwide with the sale of the I Phone 5, I did not know if I could handle the pressure and waiting in long lines.  Plus a busy work day kept me at my computer all day and it was impossible for me to get away.

Would I be able to buy an I Phone 5 the next day?  Would stores be getting more stock in?  I was on a mission- a road trip to find an I Phone 5!  I checked the AT&T website and it said the Falmouth, MA store opened at 9 am!   At 8 am I took myself out for breakfast and arrived promptly at the AT&T store in Falmouth at 9 am only to find out from the sign on the store that the store opened at 10 am!

I needed to rethink this plan!  I could wait in Falmouth for the hour or head over to Hyannis and check out Best Buy and the AT&T store as well.   So I traveled to Hyannis and went to the Best Buy store where the sales associated said to me “Did you really think we would have any left?”  I did not answer but yes, I thought it was possible that they got more in stock.   I guess I was wrong.

I was off to the AT&T store in Hyannis.  The sales associate said they did not have any left but were expecting a delivery the 64 GB later on.  I left the store and called the AT&T store in Falmouth and yes they did have some black I Phone 5, 32 GB available but they could not hold one for me.   It was back on the road for me and back to Falmouth I went.  I did not drive like a madwoman but I did want to get back to Falmouth which is over a 30 minute ride on a single lane road as soon as I could.  I did not want to get back to the AT&T store and find out they no longer had any phones left.

I now know I should have stayed put in Falmouth in the first place. It was a gamble to wait and a gamble to go!  When I got to the Falmouth store, the staff could not have been nicer!  Once there, they made sure a phone was set aside for me and I waited patiently for my turn!  I learned that in Falmouth they did not run out of the I Phone 5 until the afternoon.  There were no long lines; it was just an extraordinary busy day all day long!  Yes they got extra phones later on in the day and were expecting more phones to arrive on Saturday.  I don’t know if those phones ever arrived, but I left with my I Phone 5, contacts loaded and a number to call for Apple support to help with the rest of the process!

I know there was a lot of buzz about the need for new chargers with this version but having had Nextel, needing new chargers occurred each time I got one of their phones.  So I always expect additional costs over and above the phone like the car charger and phone case.  The only thing AT&T did not get was extra usb cables so now I have to take the one that came with the phone and use it with car adapter as well.

Home I went to call Apple.  I did not know if I should call Apple support right away.  I just had visions of being on the phone forever and it had already been a long day!  I decided to call and to my surprise the wait was not long, Apple support was quite helpful.  They had me back up on I Phone 3 and then I had to update to the latest I Tunes which took time so they scheduled a time to call me back to finish the process!  With the latest version of I Tunes on my computer, a little after 3 PM, Apple calls me back and we finish the process.  Everything including the screen saver of my two dogs was in place!  Now all I have to do is learn all the things my new phone can do!  I did have to go back and reset my email passwords later on to start receiving my emails but at least all my email accounts were there.

After seeing the I Phone 5, its sleek design, I realized how much of a dinosaur my I Phone 3 had become.  I am saving my I Phone 3 just in case! I had a little fun playing with Siri!

By 4 pm, I was exhausted.  My road trip started at 8 am but I found out it was possible to get the I Phone 5 the day after it came out!  So to the Best Buy associate who said “Did you really think there would be any left?”  My answer is yes I did and I was right! Here is hoping to a long battery life!

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