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Intern Spotlight Series: Chelsea Onyango

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“I can still do something meaningful while searching the job market.”

As every intern knows, an internship is the perfect opportunity to show off your skillset and to work on becoming the best version of yourself. In this week’s installment of our Intern Spotlight Series, we’re highlighting an intern who has grown to become a part of our family and a significant factor in our work. Communications Intern, Chelsea Onyango, has done a phenomenal job with our organization, and because of that, we shall give her the flowers she most definitely deserves.

Born and raised in the Republic of Kenya, Chelsea has always been an excellent student. She attended Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya and graduated with a degree in International Studies in December of 2022. Chelsea is most proud of the advanced level of education she received and the diversity she was exposed to while attending college. 

Shortly after graduating, Chelsea realized that her calling in life was in the international development field. With this interest in mind, she explored her options and looked into various internships that would best suit her. Like all newly graduated students, the problem she faced was the lack of job opportunities in the field. It was then that she came across a job posting at Bakes for Breast Cancer, and decided to try her hand at that. What made this position an excellent opportunity for her was the chance to put her education to the test and to hone her skills. Being that she took classes on global health as part of her international studies, she also thought that this internship would be the perfect way to grow her knowledge in intercultural communications.  

At B4BC, her typical week consists of drafting blog content for our website, conducting interviews, and creating social media posts. With the help of fellow intern, Sharlize Lescano, and founder/president, Carol Sneider, she has benefited from her internship by learning about graphic design and social media management.

Her internship at B4BC has inspired her to pursue a Master’s degree in European Studies, where she hopes to further explore Western migration and its impacts on the relationship between refugees and European citizens. She is currently researching different grad programs that align with her academic interests and that will help her advance her career.

Nowadays, you can find Chelsea writing blogs for our Intern Spotlight Series. She’s also an International Development intern at The Asherah Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational and training opportunities for women around the world. When she’s not working, Chelsea spends her free time watching Youtube videos, chilling with friends, and enjoying her favorite chocolate desserts. 

With the help of interns like Chelsea, Bakes for Breast Cancer has been able to further its mission and continue funding breast cancer research. We’re incredibly grateful for Chelsea and  are so excited to see what she accomplishes in the coming years.


To support Bakes for Breast Cancer, a nonprofit breast cancer organization, please visit our website to volunteer and/or donate. You can also participate in one of our annual charity events by registering your establishment here


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One Comment

  • Dan says:

    Go for it, Chelsea! You have what it takes to make a difference in the little corner of the world you are in at Bakes and who knows, that ripple you cause may travel and impact many more around the world!

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