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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream! What a blast!

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Upstairs at the Fancy Food Show, I stumbled upon Sweet Freeze! I know many chefs are using liquid nitrogen in their cooking and I have read that there is an ice cream store that only makes ice cream using liquid nitrogen but I had never seen it before. Sweet Freeze knew how to attract a crowd!  What an audience they had watching how them make ice cream using liquid nitrogen!

I was intrigued to see what this big canister of liquid nitrogen could do, how quickly it could make ice cream and what the ice cream tasted like!  As much as I wanted a sundae, with all that I had  been sampling at the Fancy Food Show, I was only good for a taste of their strawberry sorbet and butter pecan ice cream. The ice cream was smooth and creamy!  It was amazing to watch with one major blast of nitrogen how quickly ice cream could be made! What a blast it was! Fun to watch and eat! If you get a chance try it!

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