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Local Business: Coffee Break Cafe

International Coffee chains are a somewhat recent phenomenon, and they definitely have their upsides. It’s nice to know that even half way across the world, you can still get your coffee the way you’re used to thanks to Starbucks. But there’s something I still find pretty amazing about local businesses. One of my favorites is Coffee Break Cafe, a chain based out of Quincy. They have three different locations around the city, all equally quaint and laid back. They’re a local business that supports other local businesses by getting their baked goods imported daily and using dairy products from local farmers. They carry no styrofoam at all because of how damaging it is to the environment. Books and board games are provided near the seating area, and the walls are covered in pictures from art students at the local high school.

Aside from a great atmosphere, the drinks are delicious! My order here seems to always be changing based on the season. They have a “Flavor of the Month” for coffee, and during autumn I love to get the candy apple iced coffee. In summer I lean towards the frozen lemonades. It’s a sweeter, more liquified version of a traditional slush, with fruity flavors like watermelon and strawberry. Winter makes me crave rich chocolate, and the Oreo Brain Freeze is the perfect solution. It’s a blended coffee drink made with Ghiradelhi chocolate mix. It’s on the heavier side, and definitely not the kind of coffee you would grab every day before work, but it’s great for winter days when you want to stay under your blankets. I’ll eat bagels during any season, and Coffee Break Cafe has some unique cream cheese flavors. I’ve never seen buffalo flavored cream cheese anywhere else, but it’s such a great invention, I’m hoping it will catch on everywhere. Until then, I’m thankful that Coffee Break Cafe sells their cream cheese by the tub.




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