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My name is Peter Devereaux; I live in the greater Boston area and have a wife and a 15 year old daughter. I am a 50-year old man Living with stage 4 Metastatic breast cancer.

Men do get breast cancer!! You just don’t hear about it often.

Just like women, men can get breast cancer. Men and women will have similar results if they are diagnosed at similar times and have the same type of cancer.

What happens often is most men have no idea they can get breast cancer, so they usually get diagnosed at later stages.

The first time I knew men could get breast cancer was in January of 2008, when the doctor told me I had breast cancer. My life changed in January 2008, I woke up on a Friday morning and noticed a lump in my chest as my hand bumped into it. I later called my doctor to have it checked out.

We scheduled a mammogram and ultrasound followed by a core biopsy. The next evening I received a call stating that I had Male breast cancer.

That’s how my breast cancer journey started. I quickly got a second opinion at Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI), which confirmed the diagnosis. On January 28, 2008 I had a mastectomy and 21 cancerous lymph nodes removed.

My chemotherapy started on February 27th, 2008 and continues to this day.

DFCI is really the place to be if you have cancer in the Boston area.

I am happy and sad to announce that last week October 14th-21st was the first male breast cancer awareness week in Massachusetts.

October 13th was Metastatic breast cancer day.

There are currently approximately 155,000 people living with metastatic breast cancer in the United States. My goal is to help find a cure for this crazy disease. I will be writing this blog once a month, around the 3rd week of each month.


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