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How many times do you see a commercial for Sonic?  For us in the Boston area, there are no Sonic’s to go to.  But now there are some in the Massachusetts area.  I happened to be passing one in Wilmington so I set my Tom Tom to get me there quickly. Now I can say I had my first Sonic experience.

I can see why restaurant reviewers to back several times before they write their story. In order to be fair, I know I have to go back to Sonic to taste more of their offerings.  I am so accustomed to Mc Donald’s, I know what I am doing.  Driving into Sonic was interesting you pull into a stall, park and look at the menu which is bigger and with more choices.  What to order was a major decision; had it not been snowing, I might have gone for a shake but it wasn’t the day for it.

I stared at the board next to my car looking at the menu.  To the left was one menu and if I looked to the right I was being tempted by desserts. Then I saw they were having a special on hot dogs, several varieties to choose from. I did not know how to pay for the food, if the menu took any credit card or just a Sonic card.  The menu did not tell me how to pay.  But they did tell me how to order!

I pressed the big red button, placed my order and shortly after my order was delivered to my car. Being from New York, I chose the New York hot dog but it really did not taste like the hot dogs I grew up enjoying from the Woodro in Hewlett.  The Tatter Tots were a bit too salty and for me and I love salt. Maybe I just prefer fries to tots.  I still don’t know if I could have paid by the menu but the nice person who delivered the food to my car took cash or credit cards.  I paid by cash and off he went to get me my change.

I pulled out of the stall, found someplace to throw out my trash and off I went.  Next time I want to go back when it is nice an sunny and try something else.

What is your favorite food to get when you go to Sonic that I should try the next time I go back?

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