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My Food Truck Advernture Part 1. Childhood Memories!

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Growing up in New York, I grew up with the Good Humor Ice Cream Truck and a Chinese Food Truck driving through the neighborhood.  Bill was our Good Humor Ice Cream man who was there for us year after year dressed in his Good Humor whites.  For me the picture of the original ice cream bar on the Good Humor truck was by far the most perfect image ever! It was how an ice cream bar should look and taste.  That picture on the truck set the standard for me. It always had and for some reason always will!

For a time growing up, I also remember a Chinese food truck driving through the neighborhood as well. It was always a treat to get chicken chow mein with rice in an edible bowl!  I am sure if I tasted it today, it might not taste as good as I remember. We even had home delivery of soda where each week we received a case or two of soda that might include black cherry, celery or cream!

And if we went into New York City, getting a hot dog, pretzel or roasted chestnuts on the street was always enjoyable! All were great childhood memories!

When I moved to the Boston area, I did not notice an ice cream truck driving through the neighborhood or food stands on the streets of Boston.

Although I had heard that Food Trucks were the new food craze in New York it was not yet in Boston.  With shows like the Great Food Truck Race there was more interest in food trucks and at the same time food trucks were popping up not only in Boston and Cambridge but in the suburbs as well! This past summer, Boston had its first food truck festival! So it is time for me to see what a food truck is all about.

Now I am on a new adventure – the food truck adventure!  I want to learn, sample and meet those behind this new craze and the food they cook!


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