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How did you cook your turkey this past Thanksgiving and how do you juggle all that needs to go into your oven when you are cooking during the holiday season?

For me, that got a lot easier when I got my Showtime Rotisserie! I don’t mean to sound like an infomercial but it is fantastic!

I started with the small version and realized I needed the larger version which makes it easy to cook a large turkey or prime rib for the holidays!  All I ever do is put the food in without seasonings and the food is fantastic!

I will admit, I do have some problems with the professional size when I cook a 5 pound prime rib instead of a 10 pound prime rib and will have to look to find a way to adjust the time cooked to avoid any costly mistakes.   I wish the manual gave times when cooking smaller quantities in a bigger model but I am afraid the manual does not take that into consideration!

Yes, it might take me several times to get the turkey on the spit rods and I do have to make sure when it I start the turkey it goes smoothly around without touching the heating elements. Sometimes the turkey does shift and I have to stop the rotisserie and tie it up better.  These are my faults and not the rotisserie! In the end, it is all worth it!

In two hours, I had a 15 pound turkey perfectly cooked! My ovens had all the other fixings for my holiday dinner! My turkey was perfect, what more could I ask for!

I use it for everything – whole chickens, chicken pieces, lamb, steaks and fish just to name a few!  Everything I make in it is great!

When guests come for dinner, they are surprised to see the rotisserie on my counter that is until after they have had dinner and then they totally understand!

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