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My Visit to Dogma Dog Bakery!

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I talk so much about dessert for people today I want to talk about dog bakeries!  Why shouldn’t our four legged friends enjoy desserts!

I am sure if I looked I would find dog bakeries in Boston that actually bake in their own store but I have not gone to one yet. When I get back from Virginia I will look for one!  The only dog bakeries I have found so far in the Boston area are in pet stores that have counters with special bakery departments.

The times I have gotten treats for my dogs at the bakery counter of a dog store, my girls never ate them.  They were fancy treats that were quite hard to the touch and most likely the bite. My dogs never ate the expensive dog treats I bought. They preferred milk bones!

Maybe that is why I never looked for a dog bakery that baked their dog cookies before because I thought it would be the same so why bother if the treats would not be eaten!  I never realized that the cookies could be different and my dogs, now my one living dog would actually eat it.

Kudzu, my 15 year old Jack Russell and I are on our first road trip together in Virginia.  In my journey I passed a local dog bakery called Dogma Bakery in Arlington, Virginia.  Since Kudzu is doing great on our trip, adjusting well and enjoying being walked on a leash (this is new to her since I usually just let her out into our fenced yard to enjoy), I decided to take her and my granddog Sampson to Dogma Bakery for a treat!

Kudzu and Sampson at Dogma Bakery

Yes, Dogma Bakery sells other things for dogs but they do their own baking! They have a kitchen and they actually use it. Trays of cookies were cooling as we were there!

Some treats were soft and others were harder. The variety was incredible and the names for the cookies adorable. I had a hard time picking I wanted to buy more than I actually needed. Kudzu and Sampson enjoyed the samples and then it was up to me to decide what treats to bring home with us!  We settled for the pup-kin cookies, the pizza cookies, the snickerpoodle and the pea-mutt butter muffins! All the dog treats are made with fresh products that any two legged person would eat but are made blander for our four legged friends.

How did the taste test go?  Kudzu and Sampson loved the cookies. When we got back, I gave them the pup-kin cookie which was so large and soft I only gave them a part of the cookie.  I know they could have eaten the whole thing but it was a huge cookie!

Did I mention the cookies were reasonably priced?   Unlike other fancy treats that I have purchased in the past that cost several dollars each, seventy cents for a snickerpoodle was quite reasonable! So now when I visit Virginia again and bring Kudzu she can enjoy her “cake and eat it too!”

Kudzu is calling now, instead of her breakfast she would like another cookie! Time to give her a treat she really likes!


  • Thank you so much for your kind words about my store! i’m happy that Kudzu enjoyed her treats!

    Please feel free to call the store and order treats if you’d like – we’ll ship them to you. This time of year it works out fine since the weather is cooler. Order a bunch and we’ll ship them in flat rate box – then freeze what Kudzu can’t eat in a week.

    Thank you again and we look foward to seeing you and Kudzu again!


    • carol says:

      Hi Sheila, We had such a great time in your store and Kudzu will be so happy that she can have her favorite treats sent to us! When I am back in the area, we will definitely stop by again. Glad you liked our blog!

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