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We challenge you to get involved with a simple bake sale at your office to help us raise money for breast cancer!
Download our calendar and ask your coworkers during the month of October to sign up to bring in a dessert each day during the month of October or any day that co-workers can in Breast Cancer Awareness Month to your office. Keep the donation jar near the desserts and let your coworkers enjoy desserts everyday possible and see the donation jar fill for breast cancer!
For more information on the Office Bake Sale please visit our website page.
Accept this challenge and now ask other business in your building to do the same! Invite your friends to the Office Bake Sale! Help us spread the word and one sweet at a time! We can make a difference in a disease that touches so many we know and love!
Get involved! Raising money for breast cancer one sweet at a time!

Based in Needham, Massachusetts, Bakes for Breast Cancer, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and care. Through dessert-oriented events, Bakes for Breast Cancer has created a “sweet” way to raise money for a disease that touches so many women and men. Funds raised help conduct basic research, translational research, and clinical trials with the hope of eliminating all deaths from breast cancer, and, ultimately, eradicating the disease.


It is so easy to host an office bake sale!

It is so easy to host an office bake sale!


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