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Tomorrow is the official start of summer!  The sun is out and it is going to be a hot couple of days coming up! It is officially grilling time!

For some unknown reason to me, men are considered to be King of the Grill. Commercials show men grilling all the time.  Television shows show men bonding over their grill with a beer in their hands.  Are women only supposed to be queen of the kitchen?  Queen of their grilling pan?  I think not, well not in my house!

Why does this stereotype exist where men are grill masters?    I am the Queen of My Grill and only on a rare occasion will I share my Broilmaster with anyone!   When it comes to using my smoker, I doubt anyone in my house will get up so early to start a brisket in the smoker and give it the day long attention it needs but I will!

I am not a winter griller, when it gets cold I am back inside cooking and using my grill pan but when the weather is right I am grilling with the best of them! I feel my grill is an extension to my kitchen and not something I give up!

Time to make my bbq sauce so I can be ready to start grilling later today!

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