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One of my favorite restaurants in Boston is Island Creek Oyster Bar in Kenmore Square. It is currently ranked #2 top restaurant on TripAdvisor. Being a seafood lover, I really appreciate the fresh and delicious seafood dishes served at ICOB. I also love the beach theme and sleek decor of the restaurant; the back wall is made entirely of oyster shells! Plus, the service is top-notch every time. Everyone should start the ICOB experience with raw oysters. The signature type is Island Creeks, which are known for their briny taste and sharp flavor. There’s usually a dozen variety of raw oysters to choose from, across different regions of the US.



oyster slidermussels

My favorite appetizers are the crispy fried oyster sliders on brioche buns and the no-shell mussels in white wine cream and garlic sauce (photos above). The oyster sliders are miniature, but the burst of lime chili aioli sauce and the crispy texture and juicy interior of the oysters make this so tasty. Meanwhile, the mussels – although on the tiny side – are cooked perfectly in a savory, creamy broth.

tartarecrab cake

ICOB seems to rotate the type of fish used in the tartares. I have tried the fluke and salmon version (photo above). It’s mixed with cucumbers, onions, seasoning, and a light dressing. If you like sushi, then you’ll enjoy this light and refreshing appetizer. Another popular starter is the crab cake, perfectly pan-fried and full of crab meat, served with a chilled cole slaw topping.


lobster roe noodles

Finally, everyone recommends the lobster roe noodles for the main course (“half” portion photo above). I have never tried this type of pasta before – full of seafood flavor with a nice al dente texture. It comes with a buttery lobster tail and slices of short rib meat that melt in your mouth. Crunchy edamame beans are sprinkled in for added texture. This is definitely a dish that I can’t get anywhere else.

ICOB wins 5/5 stars from me. If you’re an oyster aficionado and seafood lover like I am, be sure to visit this restaurant and enjoy a delicious feast. Cheers!

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