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Can you believe that it’s almost May and it’s still 45 degrees out? I certainly can’t! On days like these, I wish I were somewhere warm and tropical, like Bermuda! Bermuda is one of my favorite places. I went there two years and had a blast. It’s a fairly small island, so there’s not much disconnect between the tourists and locals. One spot both groups like to hang out at is The Swizzle Inn. It’s one of the oldest and most well known pubs in Bermuda, and has a unique style of its own. The inside walls are covered in business cards people have left, and the walls and ceiling feature messages people have written in marker or pen.


The Swizzle Inn is also is known for its Rum Swizzle, often called “Bermudas national drink”. It’s a sweet, rum based drink, perfect for days where you wish the sun would come out. Want to make your own version? Here are the ingredients. Just shake them together and serve over ice!


8 oz. Black Seal Rum

5 oz. orange juice

5 oz. pineapple juice

2 squeezed lemons

2 oz. a sweet syrup (grenadine works well)


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