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Last week pasta was the main topic of conversation. But naked pasta isn’t my thing…I need the sauce! My favorite is stewed tomatoes with spaghetti, preferably linguini, farfalle or rotelle.

When I lived in the North End, pasta was king. In the summertime, the Italian family who owned my building made massive amounts of tomato sauce which they would jar and use throughout the rest of the year. They set up shop in the courtyard a few floors below my window and the sweet smell of simmering tomatoes filled the apartment. It was magical.

Although you’re probably not planning on making quite as much sauce, you can still have the delectable homemade flavors, just in a smaller portion. The Roma Tomato Milling Machine is perfect for counter-top use.

There’s no need to peel the tomatoes or remove the seeds. Just rinse your fresh, ripe tomatoes and plop them into your mill. Once you start turning the handle the skin and seeds are separated from the puree, leaving you with the perfect sauce blend.

Next, just put the guts into a pan, add some spices, extra virgin olive oil and whatever else you think will give it a good kick, and let your sauce simmer to perfection.

The Roma Tomato Milling Machine made by Weston is available online from for $49.00. And, to make this gadget even better, this awesome milling machine can produce jams and jellies from fresh fruit!

This gadget is a gardener’s delight.

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