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The week of Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2011 just flew by! So much to catch up on, so many people to thank, so many papers to file, and wonderful stories to tell!

What an incredible week I had! What incredible desserts I enjoyed for breast cancer.  How I wish Boston Bakes was longer than one week so I could enjoy all the desserts at every participating bakery, restaurant, cafe, chocolate shop and on-line bakery.  It is just impossible to do in one week in spite of all my efforts to try.  I just need more time!  I try to visit new places every year and do a road trip.  But I would like to visit more of our participants and let them know how grateful I am to them and their support.

So it is back to the paperwork, emails I never got to get to last week and waiting to see who will send in the first check for Boston Bakes.  I will keep you updated but in the meantime:

Please save the date! Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2012 will take place on May 7th -13th!


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