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Specific Needs Sites

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special needsThere are those of us who have specific needs over and above the needs we all have for breast cancer information, support and resources.

This post is about some of the breast cancer sites that offer guidance to women with specific needs.

When a woman who has children at home is diagnosed with breast cancer, she has special issues and concerns that women with grown children do not have.

There is a site… that helps women speak to their children, whatever their ages, about breast cancer.

Some women of color often have specific issues around breast cancer such as limited access to screening and treatment  and more aggressive tumors.

The web site, is a site where African-American women can find up-to-date information on breast cancer, support services and resources.

Other women of color may have language barriers that prevent them from learning the importance of screening mammography and when and where to seek medical help for a possible breast cancer. There may also be cultural taboos about discussing breast health or accessing care for a lump in the breast.

One such site, for Asian women, offers information in several Asian languages. Asian women can learn more about breast cancer screenings and services by going to

The American Cancer Society offers breast cancer information in Spanish on their website and also provides Asian language materials at

For young Jewish women facing breast cancer, Sharsheret, at,  has the information and resources needed for getting through treatment.

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