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Today’s gadget is for all of you out there who consider your blender to be one of your closest friends.

Your blender is there for you in the morning when you’re running late and a breakfast shake on-the-go is all that will silence your stomach gargles until lunchtime. A blender provides you with an extra energy boost by whipping up a pre-workout protein shake so that your muscles can prevail. And your blender will be at home waiting for you when all you want after a long day at the office is a cold banana¬†daiquiri.

So, in order to celebrate one of the most famous kitchen gadgets of our time, the Cuisinart Compact Portable SmartPower Blender is today’s topic of conversation.

I once heard a friend refer to another friend as ‘tiny, but strong’, and I think those are the perfect words to define this Cuisinart blender. The small, compact base allows for easy storage. And the SmartPower is equipped with three different sized cups: one 32 ounce blending cup, one 8 ounce chopping cup ideal for mincing herbs, and four 16 ounce to-go cups for busy folks in motion.

Cuisinart Compact Blender

And the to-go cups allow you to do all the blending right inside of them. All you have to do is throw in your desired ingredients, blend it, and then instantly enjoy right from the same cup! No need to clean up because after you’ve finish your smoothie/shake/whatever just throw it in the dishwasher!

This ‘powerhouse’ of a blender is equipped with a 350-watt motor for pureed perfection. Highly renowned and reviewed by consumers the Cuisinart Compact Portable SmartPower Blender is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Available from multiple retailers including,, Crate & Barrel and Macy’s this lovely little gadget ranges from around $50.00 to $100.00.

And here’s one yummy shake that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day or night!

1 whole banana, 1 cup of Naked Green Machine juice, 1 tablespoon of either tahini or peanut butter. Put it all into your blender with some ice, pulse and enjoy! Modify to suit your taste buds!

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