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Some may say pie is the perfect dessert. Enjoyed warm, straight from the cooling rack, topped with whipped cream or paired with cool vanilla ice cream. It doesn’t matter how you serve it, pie has become an all-American, always delicious dessert. Everyone has their favorite kind of pie. For me, it’s homemade coconut cream pie.

My 21st Birthday Coconut Cream Pie

At my family Christmas party everyone always saves room for Auntie Judy’s orange, lime, and chocolate pudding pies with the graham cracker crust. Last week for Thanksgiving it was my mother’s sweet-but-tart, out-of-this-world lemon meringue pie that makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Blueberry Pie from ‘Simply Recipes’

And then of course there are the classic apple, blueberry or cherry pies that ooze with filling and have that perfectly crispy crust, coated with browned-to-perfection sugar crystals that are almost too perfect to devour, almost.

So when it comes to baking a pie it’s no wonder the hardest part is often asking yourself, “which kind?” That’s where the individualized pie maker comes into play.

Breville Pie Maker

The Breville Pie Maker, available from Williams-Sonoma for $99.95, may be at the top of your wish-list if pies are your passion. In as little as 8 minutes this nifty wonder-of-the-dessert world simultaneously produces four of the cutest pies you will ever eat.

Perfect for either sweet or savory pies, the Breville Pie Maker includes a pastry cutter as well as non-stick cooking plates which make this crafty invention simple to clean. Just line each mini pie pan with either homemade or store-bought dough, add the filling (a different filling for each pie if you’re feeling daring!) top with more dough, and shut the lid. It can’t get any easier than that. So even if you’ve never successfully baked a pie in your life this mini pie maker might be your big shot!

Mini Pie from

Some reviews recommend adjusting the cooking time to avoid burning or under-cooking, so just make sure to keep an eye on your mini prize. And don’t skimp-out on the filling or the top crust might not seal closed. Once your pies are browned to perfection place them on a cooling rack to avoid a soggy-pie-bottom. Endless pie creations await you. Tasty quiches, savory pot pies and mini deep-dish pizzas are all only one gadget away!

From multiple other retailers, the individual pie maker is available at a slightly less cost. Look for:

Emerilware Pie and Cake Maker available at Sears for around $50.00

Bella Cucina Red Pie Maker available at Dillard’s for $39.99

Personal Pie Maker from Harriet Carter for $29.98


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  • carol says:

    You have made me want to go out and get a pie maker something I never thought I needed! Would love for you to share your family pie recipes! They sound so good!

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