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The emails we get and stories we hear from those we don’t know are always very special to us. We had the opportunity to hear from a lovely young woman who wanted to bake goods for those who contacted her, deliver them to their offices so they could have a little bake sale. The funds she received would go to Bakes for Breast Cancer.

We had the chance to meet this lovely young woman and what an inspiration she was to us! We talked about ways she can get involved with our organization. In the near future you will hear more from Shelley!

Our conversation had our minds going long after we left. Her love for baking, her little bake sales and making a difference in breast cancer was inspiring to us! Shelley showed us one dessert could make a difference. We stated to think and we realized every office likes dessert! There are always desserts and sweets in every office! A new event was being developed! We made a calendar (and other materials) so everyone in the office could sign up to bring in a dessert to his or her office, homemade or store bought, leave the donation jar nearby and raise money for breast cancer one sweet at a time. We named it the Office Bake Sale at Bakes for Breast Cancer and decided to kick it off during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We urge you to get involved! It is something so simple and a perfect addition to Bakes for Breast Cancer and our events!

We look forward to your support and donations are always greatly appreciated!



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