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Working in a restaurant over the past several months has taught me a lot about chef-worthy kitchen tools. One of the most used kitchen gadget is the mandoline. Not the musical instrument kind of mandolin, but the fruit and vegetable slicing mandoline.

When it comes to shredding carrots for salads, or potatoes for hash browns, the mandoline is the only tool to use. The different settings allow you to make wider or thinner sized slices, or longer or shorter slices, so that you’ll have the perfectly sized shred for anything you’re making.

And the OXO Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer takes shredding to a whole new level. The knob on the side allows you to choose between three size settings. The stainless steel and clear surface design make a perfect shred while you watch as your food piles up below the mandoline.

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The handle of the OXO mandoline allows you to use it over a plate or cutting board with ease and move it freely. And you can hook it onto the edge of a bowl using the hook built onto the end.

Shred apples to make baked apple crisp, cabbage and carrots to make homemade spring rolls, or slice tomatoes for fresh veggie sandwiches. There are endless fruits and vegetables to shred and enjoy with the OXO hand-held mandoline.

This chef-inspired house-hold friendly gadget is available from for $14.99 or from Crate & Barrel. It comes with a food holder so that you can protect your fingers while shredding as well as cover the blade when you’re not using it.

Once you get the OXO Hand-Held Mandoline you’ll be shredding everything in no time. Try making homemade zucchini bread or shredding fresh orange zest to add to cranberry muffins, yummy!


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