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Passion. This is the secret ingredient that makes Bakes for Breast Cancer what it is today. Behind the scenes, passionate individuals do an amazing job at ensuring that our mission and vision are met. Among them are our interns and volunteers who make up a vital part of our organization.

The impact of their work can only be fully expressed by our founder, Carol Sneider, who for over 20 years has seen just how valuable their support has been. In her own words, Carol observes that interns and volunteers are and have always been the backbone of our organization. They provide the support we need to run our operations and to provide funding for breast cancer research. 

The engaging posts that you see across our social media channels are just a glimpse of the work that interns and volunteers do. They work in a broad array of areas including fundraising, market research, event planning, public relations, content writing, and business development. They spearhead special projects and work together to create the beautiful mosaic displayed throughout our website, email, newsletters, and charity events. 

One thing that makes it so enjoyable and easy for interns and volunteers to work at B4BC is the amount of support they receive from our founder and supervisors. Carol, for example, always takes the time to build mentoring relationships with each and every one of our interns/volunteers to help foster trust and encourage honest communication. These relationships are designed to help mentees learn new skills, build their professional network, and explore career interests. Interns/volunteers are also encouraged to learn from their successes and failures and to stretch beyond their current thinking.  

“We believe in our interns and volunteers, we listen to them and give them the opportunity to be creative and to grow,” said Carol.

While empowerment goes a long way in providing our interns and volunteers with the support they need, the secret lies in one ingredient: passion. Our interns and volunteers are willing to share their time and skills with us because they are passionate about breast cancer research and our mission to find a cure. Perhaps passion is not only a great flavor for pastries but a great flavor for people too. 

To help us continue our mission against breast cancer, you may visit our website to volunteer or follow us on our LinkedIn page for future job postings. 

By Chelsea Oryango

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