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Boston Bakes 2011 was dedicated to the memory of our friend Colleen O’Farrell who we saw each year when we would visit the Fox 25 studio in Dedham during the week of Boston Bakes.

All the desserts I enjoyed this week I thought about Colleen O’Farrell just as her husband Pete asked during the Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer Kick-off press conference at the BCAE! As you can see in this very touching story which aired on NECN last week.

NECN -Boston Bakes Kick-off

Pete O’Farrell asked that when we enjoyed the desserts from the week of Boston Bakes we remember his wife Colleen who lost her battle to breast cancer at the age of 39.  I did enjoy many desserts over the week and thought of Colleen each and every time .

But I made sure I made one special stop to Brasserie Jo where Colleen’s favorite dessert was being served – Profiteroles, Chocolate Sauce.  I can understand why they were Colleen’s favorite dessert. The Profiteroles were huge and filled with ice cream and when the server came with a pitcher of chocolate, the server did not stop pouring the chocolate sauce until you said to stop.  I can picture Colleen waiting until the last moment until just the right amount of chocolate was poured over the profiteroles before telling the server to stop. I am sure Colleen enjoyed every bite.

With every bite of the profiterole, I thought of Colleen but I also thought about Colleen’s family, her husband, 2 beautiful children, her parents, sister and in-laws that I had the pleasure of meeting at the press conference.

Colleen touched many peoples lives with her big heart and zest for life, this year was for you Colleen and I thought of you often with each and every dessert. I am hoping we will have raised so much money for breast cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute from Boston Bakes 2011 where raising money one sweet at a time can make a difference!


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