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Too hot or tired to cook! Check out who delivers meals to you!

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Recently while on my road trip with my dog Kudzu in Virginia, it was just to hot to cook so we elected to have food delivered. I am familiar and have used Takeout Taxi when I was in Boston. I did not know who delivered in Virginia!   A Google search gave me a company I have never heard about before called! I put in the address where I was staying and there were 52 choices to pick from that delivered to the address I was at!

I was in take out heaven.  With all the choices it took time to select what we wanted to eat!   You put your address in and out comes all these restaurants that deliver.  You order on line and in a short period of time our food was delivered hot and ready to enjoy!

Treat yourself when you don’t want to cook and have the food delivered to your home in time for dinner.  You might be pleasantly surprised what restaurants deliver to your door! Do your own Google search for what restaurant delivery services are in your area and enjoy dinner without going out for a change! Don’t forget the dessert!

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