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The festivities of July 4th are now behind us! The numerous firework displays and concerts celebrating the birth of our country are over for this year!  The evenings leading up to the 4th and after have been filled with the sounds of fireworks.

Now summer is in full gear!  The weather we have waited for all winter is here for us to enjoy! Winter seems to last forever but summer always seems to fly by without a second thought or glance.


Summer entertaining and grilling takes center stage as well as long awaited visits to the beach where the water temperature is still a bit cool but refreshing.

I would recommend doing something different at least once this summer and be a tourist in your own backyard!  Do one thing you have said you wanted to do but never take the time to do!  It is summer after all! We all need a new adventure!

Take a seal tour when you are on the Cape! Whether you rent your own little boat or take a tour if you are out in the Chatham or Harwich area, it is well worth it!  If you are not in the area, go anyway!

I did it both ways one with my family in a Boston Whaler and one with my family as a part of a boat tour.  Both are very different experiences but seeing the seals up close and personal is a fun way to spend part of a day!  I would do it again in a heartbeat!

For more information on Seal Tours you can always google it or check out Beachcomber and Monomy Island Excursions for more information on their tours. Share your pictures with us!

Here are some of my pictures!

seals 4105

104seals 3seal 6

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