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Jason Santos knew he could cook and cook well!  He knew that the show was trying to mess with the heads of all the contestants.  Little sleep will make one grouchy and not perform well, create disagreements with the other chefs just to name a few things.  The show could make you look good or bad and that was the shows choice. But Jason knew being boring got you off the show sooner, drama sold and the sooner you as a contestant understand what they are doing, you will be OK!

But as the show progressed and knowing the history of the show where the runner up was the better chef but not the winner, Jason knew while doing the show he would not be the winner.  Holli Ugalde with her adorable son, who in Jason’s opinion could be in a Gap commercial because he was that cute, would be the winner.

What has happened to the past contestants of Hell’s Kitchen and where are they now?  Did they get the success after the show they were hoping for? Not really.  Even if Jason has all the star qualities which I believe he does how does he make the most of his experience and get to do some of the things he wants to do?

To start with, Jason made two very smart moves before the show aired.  First, he created his own website and secondly he has one of the best PR people in Boston helping him. Smart moves for sure! And now Jason has a 2 book deal!  If life was busy for Jason when the show aired, life for Jason has been busier since!

Jason is collecting friends on Facebook in lightning fashion! Soon Jason will have 5000 Facebook friends, many more since the show aired and growing daily.  He has appeared on Educating Jenny on TV Diner, Phantom Gourmet and Simply Ming.  He has cooked at a James Beard Dinner in New York, has judged the Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant, finds time to blog and of course finds time to be the chef at Gargoyles on the Square!

There is still more to learn about Jason Santos which we will be happy to share with you in upcoming blogs!  So check back!

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