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I had a lot to learn about reality TV.  Reality TV is TV at its finest, it is big business.  We think as viewers what we see is what has happened and we know everything that is going on.  But do we really? Maybe not!

What is the reality in reality TV? Is reality TV what they want us to see? Things are happening that make it interesting for us to watch and to create the drama to keep us involved. How does the editing of the show affect the “reality” of the show? There are eyes on the contestants all the time and the producers have tricks up their sleeves to make it more exciting. How does this affect the “reality” of the show?

Let’s be honest without drama and intrigue no one would be watching!   With editing, it can change what really happens and when it really happened.  It is like a melting pot of 60 days of taping of the show and when the finished product is edited, the show flows so smoothly that unless you were there, you would never know the difference of what happened when and where.

So why was Jason Santos so successful on Hell’s Kitchen?  He understood the game and played it well.  Yes, this blue haired chef knew if he was witty, funny and bright; could play the game as well as cook the fun was just about to begin!

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