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As September quickly passes, we will be in October for what is annually called Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October is a month where everything is pink and everyone is helping to make a difference in a disease that touches so many women and men we love every day of the year.

If you are looking for something easy to do where you can make a difference the Office Bake Sale is the perfect non-event event you can do! The Office Bake Sale was designed to fit into your life easily! We hope once you know about our #OfficeBakeSale you will get your office involved and share it with all of your friends so they can do it in their workplace as well.

By now, you are wondering what is the #OfficeBakeSale and why it is so simple for “me” to do not only in October but any month of the year! Let me tell you a bit about it:

What is the #OfficeBakeSale BBCofficebakesale2015slideChallenge?










We realize that at offices across the country and in the world, the break room is a place where sweet treats are left, shared and enjoyed along with good conversation amongst co-workers. Now these treats that you bring in to your office can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. It can raise money to support grants for breast cancer research.

During the month of October for every workday, we ask that you and your co-workers sign up on our calendar (which is available on our website) and agree to bring in a treat to your break room or break rooms on the day you select. This dessert can be homemade or if you are busy, you can easily purchase a dessert at your local supermarket. Leave it in your break room with the amount of the suggested donation each day; at the end of the month either make your donation online or mail in your check to Bakes for Breast Cancer. It’s very simple can do and can make a huge difference.

The more offices we have involved, the more we can raise, the more research we can support.

How do you get started and get your office involved?

After a quick registration for the Office Bake Sale

Download the calendar and other collateral information on our website.

Have your co-workers sign up on the calendar for what day they would like to bring treats to the office break room.

If you have multiple break rooms, use multiple calendars!

Bring in the treats each day of the month and leave the suggested donation for that day’s treats along with the donation jar and other information you feel is important.

At the end of the month send in your office’s donation to us at Bakes for Breast Cancer, P.O Box 920748, Needham, MA 02492 or use the donate button on our website.

Like we said it could not be easier than this to help make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

Share the #OfficeBakeSale with your friends in other offices of your company as well as other companies and help make an even bigger difference.

Get involved today, register at by September 25 to for the possibility of a chance for your company to be chosen to be the WCVB TV5’s Morning WakeUp Call for the #OfficeBakeSale #Challenge

Take the challenge and sign up today! Then let’s meet on social media to spread the word!

On Facebook: Bakes for Breast Cancer

Twitter: @bakes4bc

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Instagram: Bakes4bc

About Bakes for Breast Cancer

Based in Needham, Massachusetts, Bakes for Breast Cancer, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and care. Through dessert-oriented events, Bakes for Breast Cancer has created a “sweet” way to raise money for a disease that touches so many women and men. Funds raised help conduct basic research, translational research, and clinical trials with the hope of eliminating all deaths from breast cancer, and, ultimately, eradicating the disease.


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