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I was recently invited to attend a wine tasting to celebrate the World of Wine Dinner series for the wine enthusiast in all of us at Del Frisco’s in Boston.  After a long week of work with my computer permanently attached to me, I decided it would be nice to get out and do something fun!

I have to be honest, I have never had the time to go and enjoy a wine dinner.  I have been to wine tastings but never to a wine dinner but I was ready to be educated!  I also had never been to Del Frisco’s!  Let’s face it wine dinner or no wine dinner, Del Frisco’s has an incredible location, fantastic views and a reputation for incredible food and service and let’s not forget valet parking!

There are four wine dinners scheduled for the year at Del Frisco’s in Boston; the first wine dinner is scheduled for March 22 which will feature California wines and a five course dinner if you include dessert which I always do!

Here is the menu for the March 22nd dinner!

napa valley dinner resized


The other wine dinners are scheduled for June 7th – The Bordeaux Dinner, August 16th the Burgundy Dinner and the last Wine Dinner on October 25 –the Northern Italy Wine Dinner.

Menus for the remaining wine dinners will come out in the future which I can understand.  Why share everything all at once!

wine collagefood

I sampled the wines, learned a bit about them and enjoyed some of the food Del Frisco’s is known for! The Wine Dinners will be an experience where you will not only enjoy the wine but be educated as well. Del Frisco’s has four sommeliers who will go from table to table to educate you on the wines you will be enjoying.  You will learn about the characters of each wine and where the wines are from while you enjoy the special menu designed to highlight and complement the wines!

I have sampled the wines and I know which my favorite wines are but I think you should try the wine dinners for yourself and we should compare notes later on! Maybe I‘ll even see you there!

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