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The latest trend in yogurt has been showing up everywhere over the past few years, from grocery stores to coffee shops, convenient stores and more. At first I was skeptical. The plain, sugar-free flavor of greek style yogurt was boring and bland compared to the fruity flavors of Yoplait‘s apple turnover and boston-cream-pie-delights that I was used to.

But soon enough, greek yogurt worked it’s way into my heart and is now one of my most desired snacks. Chobani is definitely my brand of choice.

Vanilla Chobani

The “fruit on the bottom” makes it all worthwhile with flavors like peach and black cherry that go perfectly with some added granola or extra fresh fruit. And with the growing popularity of the cultured creation there are numerous brands and flavors to choose from.

The all-natural aspects of greek yogurt, with nothing artificial added in, is what keeps me coming back for more. And with today’s gadget you can take ‘all-natural’ to a new level.

Automatic Yogurt Maker

The Automatic Yogurt Maker from Williams-Sonoma allows you to make your own yogurt at home!

You only have to add heated milk and a yogurt starter, which can be found at health food stores. You can also use plain yogurt as a starter, and then add your own fruit. The most important part about the starter is that it has lots of live bacteria cultures in order to get the most healthy benefits out of your homemade goodness.

The Automatic Yogurt Maker comes with seven 6 ounce containers. All you do is add your ingredients and set the timer. In six to ten hours you have a week’s supply of breakfast!

And try using soy milk or almond milk to make your yogurt a lactose-free indulgence.

Priced at $49.95 from Williams-Sonoma, the Automatic Yogurt Maker includes recipes and tips on how to create your best product. Highly reviewed by consumers, this yogurt maker is said to be easy to use and to clean.

Cost effectiveness is also a major bonus because you won’t be spending your cash to fill your fridge with yogurt each week. And the end result is said to always be delish, no matter the flavor!

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