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Big Papi Hits Grand Slam with Hot Sauces!

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Dedicated to Adam who we will always remember for his love of cooking, family and hot sauces!  You are missed daily and live in our hearts forever.

Last May we were doing a photo shoot with David Ortiz and Kim Carrigan, co-host of Fox 25 Morning News to promote Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2010 at Big Papi’s Grille in Framingham.  As much fun as I had doing the photo shoot, what really got my attention were the Buffalo wings that Kim’s son and his friend were enjoying!

You can’t call them wings since wings are too small for David Ortiz!  They are actually drumsticks and are offered on the bar menu! They looked so good I had been dreaming of having them ever since that day.

So I went to Big Papi’s Grille with Adam’s mother and his significant other, Nicola to try not only the drumsticks but all 4 Big Papi En Fuego hot sauces! The drumsticks were put on the table with 4 hot sauces referred to as number 1, 2, 3, and 4!  It was easy to assume they were numbered according to how hot they were but we did not know anything else about them!

These are the four hot sauces we tasted:

No. 1: Original En Fuego “Real flavorful with a mild spice, and goes with just about everything!” according to the website.

No. 2: Monster Double En Fuego (Verde) “Real hot with a Jalapeño kick, especially good with Chicken dishes” according to the website.

No. 3: Off the Wall Triple En Fuego “This one is ‘knock your Sox off’ hot, also turns a good Bloody Mary great!” according to the website.

No.4: Grand Slam En Fuego “In to the bleachers hot, smokin’ and for professionals” according to the website.

So we tasted and re-tasted and re-tasted and I can say that we survived the Grand Slam.  But let me tell you what we thought about Big Papi’s hot sauces.  They are good! We were surprised that No. 1:  Original En Fuego was very hot and spicy for a No 1.  We felt it was a little hotter than No. 2 and 3, go figure! We could not pick one favorite, it came down to the fact we had 2 favorites – No. 2 Monster Double En Fuego and No. 3 Off the Wall Triple En Fuego.  We could tell the Monster Double En Fuego had a vinegar taste that was refreshing and Off the Wall Triple En Fuego was just damn good! Since each of our favorite sauces was made with different types of chili it is no wonder we can have more than one favorite!

We cannot forget to talk about Grand Slam En Fuego, No. 4 which we are proud to have survived!  It was very good and very, very,very hot. No. 4 left a burning sensation in my mouth that would not go away! Did I mention it left a burning sensation in my mouth that would not go away?

I always forget if you chase hot sauce with milk or a cold beer.  I choose a cold beer but after tasting all of the hot sauces including the Grand Slam, I had to feel the bottle to see if the beer was cold because my mouth was so hot and the beer tasted warm!

I had a great long lunch tasting hot sauces and say here’s to Big Papi’s hot sauces- a great addition to anyone’s hot sauce collection! I can’t wait to go back to Big Papi’s Grille and have more drumsticks and hot sauce!

If you want to try the hot sauces, you can get them at the restaurant, at Stop and Shop stores and


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