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I don’t throw anything away!  I am sure if I went in the attic I would find things that I could and should be using.  Maybe one day.

I always use a hand mixer I feel it gives me control over what I am mixing.  Strange as it might seem I feel the consistency of what I am making and know when it has reached the consistency of what I am looking for when I am using a hand mixer that I feel I would not have if I were using a mixer.

I knew in the kitchen cabinet I still had my mother’s Hamilton Beach Mixer and when my daughter expressed an interest in getting one I suggested she take the one I have.  I took it out to check if it still worked. It did, the wires were a bit frayed because let’s face it is well over 40 years old. I put electrical tape around part of the wires and now it sits on my kitchen cabinet waiting for my daughter to come over and see if she wants it.

I know it is a 50/50 chance she will want a new, bright and shinning mixer instead of this retro mixer that has character and a history!  I hope she will take it and give it a good home.  Then I realized, if she does not take it, I will leave it out and maybe start using it again.

The mixer brought back a lot of memories of all the wonderful things my mother made using that Hamilton Beach mixer and it deserves to continue to make good food and new memories!

I’ll let you know whose house the mixer will be in, but I did tell my daughter if she takes the mixer and decides to get rid of it, it is to come back to my house.

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