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After a long drive it was time for lunch or a light snack at least when we got to New York City!  One of my favorite restaurants since my daughter was a little girl is Harry Cipriani.   We would stay at the Sherry Netherland Hotel which became one of my favorite hotels and enjoy room service which came from Harry Cipriani and meals in their restaurant.  I have great memories of the hotel and Harry Cipriani!

Harry Cipriani’s reminded me of Italy, The Italian Line ships I sailed on and where I tasted my first Bellini.  This is the closest I have come to visiting Harry’s Bar in Venice where the Bellini was invented.  Nothing tastes like a Cipriani’s Bellini.  I have tried following their recipe but it is not the same.  I have tried other Bellini’s but it too was not the same!  I will keep searching and trying other Bellini’s but my heart belongs to Cipriani’s!

Lucky for me Cipriani Downtown was not to far away and with their outdoor dining open, Kudzu was a welcomed guest!  At first service was a bit slow but Kudzu’s good manners won everyone over!  Would you believe after waiting and dreaming of a Bellini I did not have one?  It is true! A bottle of Prosecco was a more economic choice and would give us more to drink and enjoy while we snacked on artichokes and beef carpaccio with their wonderful bread and breadsticks.  By the time we were done, I was too full to enjoy Meringata alla crema – one of my all time favorite desserts. At least I can make it at home since I have their cookbook and the recipe is in the book!

Off we went to explore SoHo and to do some shopping. Kudzu was welcomed into many stores to my surprise.  Kudzu walked around New York like a true New Yorker but it was back to the Nolitan for dog nap before we explored outdoor restaurants where we would have dinner!


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