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We are off to Mulberry Street!  It has been years since I have been on Mulberry Street.   Growing up in New York I would often go to Little Italy and visit Caffé Roma, Caffé Napoli, and Ferrara’s just to name a few places all the time.   September would not be the same without a visit to the Feast of San Gennaro.  So many memories!

Tonight as I walked Kudzu onto Mulberry Street there was an incredible amount of activity. The sidewalks were filled with people.   Restaurants one right after the other had their menus on the street and each restaurant had numerous people trying to entice you to their restaurant!  The pressure was on! But as tempted as we were to stop, we wanted to continue our walk on Mulberry Street.  We were not ready to make a decision.  Not all the restaurants we passed with outdoor seating were dog friendly but many were.  We had many options on where to dine. We continued our walk down towards Broome Street and decided to stop at 177 Mulberry Street home of Grotta Azzurra.  This part of Mulberry Street was not as crowded with the same bustling activity.  It was more low keyed.  Lucky for us, there was an outdoor table with our name on it! The menu had so many options for us to choose from. We found the right restaurant.

Kudzu had her own seat and made many friends with everyone that passed.  Once again, she was perfect! Kudzu sat and was the perfect dinner companion.  She sampled some of my salad and had some bread. She did not utter one bark during the entire evening!  I was so proud of her! There were some other foods enjoyed that evening that I did not share with Kudzu.  She was OK with that!

After the delicious salad, we enjoyed a wonderful Italian red wine and of course a delicious lobster fra diavolo which was served with clams, mussels and linguine.  It was a wonderful New York evening with a perfect meal and great company!

Once again I was too full for dessert even though Café Roma was across the street, I could not eat another bite!

Oh how I wish there was someone to make me lobster fra diavolo tonight at home just like the one I ate at Grotta Azzurra but that is not going to happen! I guess I will have to settle for the memory and hope for a reason to go back to New York soon!




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