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Pink or yellow, sweet or sour, fresh or frozen: it doesn’t matter how you spin it, lemonade and summertime go hand-in-hand. I remember sitting at the end of my driveway selling lemonade from a cooler, arguing with my sister about who gets to collect the cash. I was about seven years old and making anything over $10.00 a day was a fortune.

takeya lemonade maker

So why not bring yourself back to those childhood days with the flavor of fresh squeezed lemonade. The Takeya Flash Chill Lemonade Maker makes it easy to squeeze and store the sweet nectar all within the same device.

The juicer attaches to the top of the jug, so once you’ve squeezed your desired amount of lemons you can remove the lid, add water and sugar to sweeten, and you’ll be ready to enjoy and refresh.

The sleek design of the Takeya lemonade maker fits easily in the door of your fridge so you’ll be ready with a tall glass any time of the day. The jug holds up to 66 ounces of liquid, perfect for cooling down guests at your cookout.

Add a kick to your summer cocktails by mixing your homemade lemonade with your favorite liquor. One of my favorites is mixing 1.5 ounces of sweet tea vodka with 3 ounces of fresh lemonade and ice for a grown-up Arnold Palmer, yum!

You can use the Takeya juicer to make fresh squeezed orange juice, too. It’s available for $29.99 from The lid is air-tight to avoid spilling and it’s dishwasher friendly.

Beat the heat this summer with a glass of chilled lemonade made fresh in your kitchen!

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