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July is National Hot Dog Month so it is only fitting to write more about my hot dog memories.

Last week I wrote about the impact the kosher deli had on my love for hot dogs but my story continues with another memory of taking a ride to go to the Nathan’s in Oceanside, New York back in the 60’s!  I don’t recall ever going to the Nathan’s in Coney Island but I recall many trips to Nathan’s in Oceanside.

It might have been “fast food” but it did not resemble what today’s fast food restaurants look like. Nathan’s in Oceanside was massive in size and to a child it seemed even bigger.  It was probably one of the biggest places I had ever been to with the exception of Lundy’s in Brooklyn.

I remember having to go into lines for each type of food I wanted and there were many choices. But of course I ended up with an all-beef hot dog, french fries and a coke in spite of the massive menu and many lines I could go to.  Their all beef hot dog was great but it was their french fries that no one to this day has duplicated.  Their fries were fries, thick and meaty served never in a bag but a container with a red fork and served hot.

Gone is the Nathan’s in Oceanside that I remember!  Now I can find Nathan’s in many locations including my local movie theater in addition to my local supermarket!  Times have surely changed but the hot dog remains the same!

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