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When it comes to pizza, I think of red sauce, cheese, and savory toppings piled on a flat, circular-shaped dough.  I think of Pizzeria Regina, “a New York slice,” Chicago deep dish, and late night delivery.  The last thing I would imagine is a dessert pizza, but that is exactly what I ate for the first time recently.

Earlier this month, Boston welcomed its newest member to the restaurant and dessert scene, Max Brenner.  The international chain, otherwise known for “chocolate by the bald man,” started in Israel, and its chocolate culture concept arrived to the U.S. in 2006.  I have never visited any of the locations before, even with the closest one being in New York City.  During opening weekend, I got the chance to discover the “chocolate culture philosophy” right here in my hometown.

On Boylston Street in Back Bay, the Max Brenner shop was inviting and the chocolate aroma wafted in the air.  Once inside, to my left was a chocolate gift shop; to my right was the (cocktail and milkshake) bar, and all around me were chocoholics.  After browsing the vast sweets menu with so many irresistible items to choose from, I ultimately decided on the Chocolate Pizza with “The Works” toppings – Belgium chocolate sauce, hazelnut bits, banana slices, toasted mini marshmallows, and peanut butter sauce, served on pizza dough.  This dessert was featured on The Food Network show, Best Thing I Ever Ate (watch video of Chef Aaron Sanchez’s rave review).

When it finally arrived to my table, I snapped a photo really quick and dug right in.  It did in fact look just like a regular pizza with crust, toppings, and gooeyness – except this was the sweet version.  I only wish I did not eat lunch prior, because I would have been satisfied eating a couple slices for my meal.  “The Works” is a must-get for topping choice; it would not be the same if one of the ingredients were M.I.A.  Although the dough tasted a little undercooked, I would not hesitate to order it again next time.

If you love chocolate and pizza, then visit your nearest Max Brenner and try the best of both worlds: chocolate pizza.

We are looking forward to ask  Max Brenner’s to participate in 2012 Boston Bakes.

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